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Caroline Forbes

All Things Canon, Fanon and Inbetween.

Caroline Forbes; All Things Canon, Fanon and Inbet
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a comm to celebrate Caroline Forbes of CW's Vampire Diaries.
This is a community prepared to surround itself with everything Caroline Forbes related. We accept a multitude of graphics such as icons, banners & journal layouts. Also found here are fan-fictions and episode discussions. There are very few rules aside from the kind you'd have the common sense to follow so please take the time to read them!

Want to Affiliate with us?
Drop me (mary_greenman  ) a message and I'll begin a list!

1.)When posting icons, use no more than 4 in previews and put the rest under cut or link us to your journal.

2.) When posting fan-fiction, Caroline must be the main character. Any posting format is fine but you must include the rating and pairing in the title of your post. Please put the actual fic under lj cut.

3.) Any number of pairings are fine anywhere from Tyler/Caroline to Damon/Caroline. We're an open community and no bashing of any pairing (or character) is allowed.

4.) If you're redistributing fics/icons/layouts from someone else, thats fine but make sure you have permission from the artist/writer before you do and give credit where credit is due (I.E., link us to the original post so we can thank the creator properly).

5.) Concerning Music Videos, please post in the following format.

Creator: (use LJ name if known, please.)
Music: (song title, artist)

(If you're posting the video directly, please place it under LJ cut and keep the video size from stretching past the page limits. If you're linking us, simply add that under notes. Exceptions are granted to videos that have banners, which must be no wider than 500 pixels and placed under LJ cut.)

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